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Ambition: How It All Started

At five years old I started a lemonade business. Setting up shop at the edge of the driveway didn't meet my earnings expectations. So, I filled up a big cooler and brought some cups on a daily trek through the neighborhood. I sold door-to-door and made most of my sales at home construction sites filled with thirsty workers.

Self-Awareness: Baseball Cards

By nine I was fascinated with baseball, but the cards were the obsession. I became aware that I had a passion for something that had a market. I sought out the cards of players destined to be stars, bought low from other kids, and sold high to adults attending baseball card conventions. Supply and demand, real profit, and the allure of the "American Dream" were now engrained in my blood.

Boldness & Exclusivity: Controlling Garlic

I was the guitar player in a high school rock band that wanted to be different. I came up with the name and our bassist designed a flyer for our first gig. We printed 500 copies and scattered them as we passed through the halls in between classes at school. Yes, we ended up in the dean's office but we also got over 100 teenagers to show up at the local youth center that weekend. Playing in the band was super fun, helped build our reputations, and we were able to make money doing it.

Perserverance & Creativity: Tempo

Flash forward to the summer of 2001. After working 4 years as an international sales and marketing manager at a Chicago advertising firm, it was time to start my first real business. Tempo Creative was born. In the first few months, the tragedy of 9/11 happened and the US and world economies were stunned. Getting clients and growing a digital marketing agency during those first few years was an uphill battle. Through hard work and perserverance the company prospered and grew to become #1154 on the Inc. 5000 list.


For almost 2 decades I've been able to do what I'm truly passionate about: help companies grow and prosper. I've been fortunate enough to work with over 700 businesses to harness the power of digital marketing. My focus is now working one-on-one with clients who appreciate the immense value and ROI that I bring to their business and bottom line. In addition to my beautiful family, that's just one more thing to be grateful for.


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